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Pictures photos images of the Neo Hittite sculpted relief stone orthostat panels of Karkamis ( Karkamış, Carchemish or Karkemish) archeological site, Turkey. Hittite stone artefacts of the Museum of Anatolian Civilisations, Ankara. After George Smith (1876) had found that the ruins of Carchemish, Hogarth, Lawrence, Campbell-Thompson and Woolley made excavation works between the years of respectively,1878-1881,1911-1914 and 1919-1920 on behalf of the British Museum. Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia excavated Carchemish before the First World War. An extraordinary series of finds emerged, including basalt reliefs showing Hittite gods and goddesses, lions, kings and warriors, some now in the British Museum, many in Ankara. Lawrence himself lived in a house on the site, where he learned Arabic and began his fascination with the Middle East. Kargamis was inhabited since the Neolithic Age, and in 2000 BC, it was one of the largest cities in southern Anatolia. Carchemish dominated as the capital of Late Hittite Kingdom for a period of 300 years, and after preserving its political existence during the reign of the Late Assyrian King Sargon, it became an Assyrian province in 7th century BC Consisting of three sections as Outer City, Inner City and the Citadel (the inner castle), the City has a rectangular structures. The structures are decorated with black basalt and white limestone orthostats covered with the reliefs Hittite-Assyrian style. Neo Hittite sculpted relief stone orthostat panels groups of Carchemish are known as The Water Gate group, The Royal Buttress Group, The Herald’s Wall Group and The Long Wall Group. The style of the Hittite orthostats from these groups can be characterised as: Style 1 in which the Hittite panels are sculpted in low relief in a two dimensional way. Style 2 in which the Hittite panels are deeply sculpted with a sculpted surface creating more 3 dimensional panels. The late Neo Hittite Syrian style of Carchemish uses very rounded outline to figures and depicts figures in a more naturalistic way than older Hittite art styles. Carchemish has some of the best Hittite orthostats that use this late Hittite style.

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