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Pictures photos images of the Neo Hittite sculpted relief stone orthostat panels, Hittite sculpture & Hittite artefacts of Karkamis (Karkamış, Carchemish, Karkemish) archeological site, Turkey. Ancient Karkamis was an ancient settlement and capital that had been occupied since Neolithic times. Karkamis became an important city in the Hittite Empire being located as a major trading centre. Between 1206 and 1150 BC the Hittite Empire collapsed during invasions of the “Sea People” which led to the Bronze Age Collapse. Carchemish survived these attacks contrary to the proclamations of Rameses III and replaced Hattusa as the Neo-Hittite capital. After George Smith (1876) had found that the ruins of Karkamis , Hogarth, Lawrence, Campbell-Thompson and Woolley made excavation works between the years of 1878-1920 on behalf of the British Museum. Carchemish archeological site consists of three sections as Outer City, Inner City and the Citadel (the inner castle), the City has a rectangular structures. The structures are decorated with black basalt and white limestone orthostats covered with the reliefs Hittite-Assyrian style. The archeological site has Neo Hittite sculpted relief stone orthostat panels groups of Carchemish are known as The Water Gate group, The Royal Buttress Group, The Herald’s Wall Group and The Long Wall Group. The Hittite sculpted orthostats of the Long Wall of Karkamis archeological site contain gods, chariots, and armed warriors wearing a crested helmet. The "embossed long wall" orthostats located towards the great ladder, have a rounded style typical of the late Neo Hittite Syrian art. The Hittite relief orthostat panels of the Royal Buttress of Carchemish archeological site are some of the best examples of the late Assyrian Neo Hittite artistic style. The rounded contours in the head, face and arms are distinctive in the Hittite relief panels of these groups. Face and neck lines are treated significantly. The surfaces of these relief orthostats display a round shaping, with a noticeable puff of the organs, and the details on the wings of the griffin have been shaped with deep lines. The common feature of these two groups is that people, gods, heroes, and human-bodied mixed creatures wear the same type of clothes.

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