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Kasbah Telouet photos, pictures and Images. High in the Atlas Mountains at 1800 meters (5900 ft) is the Kasbah Telouet. It straddles a pass that was the main caravan route across the Atlas Mountains from the Sahara to the markets at Marrakech. Telouet was owned by the Gloui brothers, Thami and Madni, who became fabulously rich from the taxes they exacted from traders that came over the pass. The Gloui brothers were given the rights to control the pass by Sultan Moulay Hassan in gratitude for the help they showed him, and his 3000 strong army, when they became stranded by winter snows in the pass in 1893. The wealth the Gloui brothers amassed allowed them to build Telouet Kasbah which today is a crumbling ruin with only a few rooms that show the beauty of its Arabesque interior. When the French colonised Morocco the Gloui brothers cooperated with them and were rewarded with more power which increased their wealth to rival that of the Sultan. The kasbah Telouet is slowly being restored but it is possible to see fine examples of Berber Muqarnas Arabesque stalactite plaster work ceiling and Mocarabe Honeycomb work plaster columns and capitals in its inner courtyard. colourful Berber Zellige decorative tiles inside the Riad hint at the arabesque beauty the rest of Telouet would have been decorated with before it fell into ruins. Near Telouet is a small village that housed the workers that administered the Gloui's including a Jewish quarter for the Gloui financial administers.

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