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Pictures, images & photos of Lycian Xanthos exhibited at the British Museum London. Photos against a grey background. This picture gallery shows Lycian buildings, tombs and artefacts excavated from Xanthos in present day Turkey. The archaeological site of Xanthos is a World Heritage Site and has been a mecca for students of Anatolian civilization since the early 19th century. Many important artefacts were found at the city and are to be found in the Lycian collection of the British Musuem. The Tomb of Payava ( 360 B.C), a typical Gothic arch shaped double barrel vaulted pillar tomb. From an inscription on the Tomb Payava was a ruler under Persian rule of Xanthos. The sculptured 4th cent. B.C Lycian Nereid ( Mythical Greek Sea Nymphs) Monument tomb of Arbina, a Xanthian client ruler of the Persians conquerors of Lycia. Pictures and images of Lycian Xanthos from the British Musuem can be bought on line as photo art prints or downloaded as high resolution stock photos. Non editorial use require rights permission form the Trustees of The British Museum, London.

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