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Pictures images photos of Sassi of Matera. Matera is located on the edge of a deep ravine in southern Italy. 9000 years ago troglodytes built cave dwellings, known as Sassi, in the soft calcareous & volcanic rocks of the ravine sides. There was continuous occupation of the cave dwellings until the 1950's, when the extreme poverty of those living in the Sassi became such an embarrassment to the Italian government that it was forced to relocate most of the inhabitants of the Stone Age Sassi. In the 1980's a regeneration program was instigated after the Sassi were designated a UNESO World Heritage site. Today it is possible to stay in a Sassi hotel or eat in a restaurant built in a Sassi. It has become trendy to buy your very own "Flinstones" paleolithic cave and do it up. There are still many Sassi in Matera that have been abandoned but many are no longer "the shame of Italy". There are a large number of Rupestrian churches built into the rocks at Matera with important early Christian frescoes on the walls.

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