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pictures images photos of Modica Cathedral of San Georgia and the Baroque church of San Pietro. Monica is a Late Baroque Towns of the Val di Noto (South-Eastern Sicily) and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Modica is built in a deep valley inland from the southern coast of Sicily. It is divided into "Modica Alta" (Upper Modica) and "Modica Bassa" (Lower Modica). In 1693 the south of Sicily was struck by a devastating earthquake. The reconstruction of the Southern Sicilian towns saw the building of some of the best Baroque churches in Europe. Sicily developed its own Sicilian style of Baroque which can be seen in the Baroque Church of St George, designed by Gagliardi 1702, situated in Modica Alta. This imposing Cathedral stands high above the town with impressive views of the valley below down towards the Baroque Cathedral of Modica. Modica has been described as a city of churches but it is also a city of Baroque Palaces. Modica is a Sicilian city where Sicilian Easter customs are still observed. Every Easter two parades move through the packed streets of Modica. One carries a statue of the Virgin Mary, the other a statue of Jesus Christ. In the centre of town the two statues meet symbolising the resurrection of Jesus Christ and his reunification with Mary .

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