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Pictures, images & photos of of Mount Nemrut Dağı summit ancient statues. (Mount Nemrut or Nemrud), Turkey. Photos by photographer Paul E Williams. A Unesco World Heritage Site, Turkey. Photos & images of the ancient tomb ruins of Antiochus 1. Mount Nemrut (Dagi) comprises the Hellenistic mausoleum of Antiochus. In the first century BC, the Roman-Persian king Antiochus I of Commagene (a kingdom north of Syria and the Euphrates) ordered to build a grave on the summit of Mount Nemrut and place statues the west and East sides. The mountain top terraces of Mount Nemrut had four meter high statues of ancient gods and Antiochus. The statues represent Apollo, Fortuna, Heracles, Commagene and Zeus. The Tomb stands on the top of Mount Nemrut at 2,134 m (7,001 ft) high. It is thought that the top of the mountain was leveled then the Mausaleum built, although no burial chamber has yet been found. After Antiochus death all of the people of his kigdom were ordered to bring a small stone to the top of the mountain from which a loose stone pyramid shaped tumulus was made 49 m (161 ft) high and 152 m (499 ft) in diameter over a mausoleum. This has protected the mausoleum, if one exists, as to get to it the whole tumulus would have to be removed. This has remained a problem for Archaeologists who cannot yet tunnel in the loose stones to see if the Mount Nemrut mausoleum exists.

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