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Pictures images photos of Assyrian relief Sculptures exhibited at the Istanbul Archaeological Museum, Turkey. The Assyrians existed as an independent state from 2400 B.C to the end of the 7th cent. B.C in Mesopotamia, present day Iraq. The Istanbul Archaeological Museum Assyrian exhibits include Assyrian relief sculpture slab from the northwest palace of King Ashurnasirpal II of a Genie standing (881-859 B.C). The collection also exhibits a Neo-Assyrian basalt statue of King Shalmaneser III (858-824 B.C) . Inscription reads "Shalmaneser, the great king, the mighty king, king of all four region, the powerful and the mighty rival of the princes of the whole earth the great ones, the kings, son of Assur-Nasirapli, King of the universe, King of Assyria, grandson of ~Tukultiu-Ninurta, King of the Universe, King of Assyria". The inscription continues with his campaigns &b deeds in Uratu, Syria, Que & Tabal ending " At the time I rebuilt the walls of my city Ashur from their foundations to their summits. I made an image of my royal self and set it up in the metal gate". From Assur ( Qala't Sharqat) Iraq. The Istanbul Archaeological Museum is ia a world class historical museums in the world. The Istanbul Archaeological Museum houses important unique major collections of antiquaries and artefacts from antiquity.

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