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Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna ( Museum of Art History Vienna ) Ancient Egyptian antiquities art and artefact photos images and pictures.

Galleries 1 to 9 in the Kunsthistorisches Museum cover ancient Egypt from around 4,000 BC to the early Christian era. The collection includes mummies, sarcophagi, scarabs, coffins and those canopic jars where the internal organs were stored for the afterlife. The giant sarcophagus of Pa-di-pep from the late-period 26th dynasty leaves a particularly strong impression. Among other highlights are the richly decorated Offering Chapel of Ka-ni-nisut from the Old Kingdom, numerous sarcophagi and coffins, animal mummies, examples of the Book of the Dead, grave stelae, divine figures, objects of daily life such as clothing and cosmetic articles, masterpieces of sculpture such as the Reserve Head from Giza,

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