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Archaeological Museum of Mycenae Mycenaean antiquities, artefacts and art photo, image and picture collection. This Mycenaean antiquities photo collection majors on the archaeological finds of Mycenae and nearby Mycenaean sites such as the Kalkani tombs.

The need to build a new archaeological museum at Mycenae archaeological site to store and exhibit excavation finds from over a century’s work had become imperative by the early 1980s. Construction of the museum, which is configured like steps on the hillside, began in 1984 and was completed in 1997.

Archaeological Museum of Mycenae charts the various periods and developments at Mycenae. The archaeological finds excited add an extra dimension to any visit to Mycenae allowing visitors to experience the richness of Mycenaean art.

Browse and download photos of the archaeological finds held at Archaeological Museum of Mycenae or buy as photo art prints on line.
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