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Mycenaean Art photo image pictures.. The biggest curated on line photo collection of Mycenaean Pottery and fresco paintings. Mycenaean art was influenced by Minoan art. Fragments of wall paintings have been found in or around the palaces of Pylos, Mycenae, Tiryns. The largest complete wall painting depicting three female figures, was found in Mycenae. Various themes are represented: hunting, bull leaping, processions etc. Mycenaean pottery is divided into 2 periods. The Late Helladic I-IIA from about 1470 - 1650 BC and the Late Helladic I period from 1650 - 1550 BC. The Late Helladic 1 - 11A Mycenaean pottery takes its inspiration from the Minoans conquered by the Mycenaeans. Late Helladic I Mycenaean pottery can be distinguished from the earlier period by the of a fine ware that is painted in a dark-on-light style with lustrous paints. This period also marks the appearance of a fine ware that is coated all over with paint varying from red and black in colour. This ware is monochrome painted and is directly descended from grey and black Minyan ware (which disappear during LH I). A form of the yellow Minyan style also appears in this time frame, merging into Mycenaean unpainted wares.

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