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Mycenaean figurine and goddess statues photos images and pictures. Mycenaean terracotta figurines and figures are small, and handmade, and are excavated from dwellings and sanctuaries. The Mycenaean figures that are wheel-made bodies and are mostly restricted to sanctuaries and temples like those excavated from Mycenae photos of which are in our image gallery. Small flat figures known as Phi and Psi style are of females as indicated by their breasts. The face is pinched and dresses with an elaborate headdress (polos in Greek). The features and the dress are drawn with red paint. The use of Mycenaean figurines is uknown and theories range from them being representation of a godess to their being used as childrems toys. Her arms are raised upright; is she surrendering, praying, or dancing? They were produced in a specific timeline, ca. 1420-1100BC (Late Helladic III). It is not known what the Mycenaean anthropomorphic figures in our photos depict, but as these were excavated from the temple complex of Mycenae it can be suspected that they may represent religious characters like Gods or Priests. They could equally represent Mycenaean elites who put their voitve depictions in the temple. These Mycenae anthropomorphic figures show a development towards realistic human represntations. Sadly we will never know if they are acurate depictions of any single individual. Browse Mycenaean images or download photos as royalty free pictures or buy as photo art prints on line.

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