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Mycenaean fresco wall art decorations - photo images & pictures. Mycenaean frescoes which decorated the palace walls and other buildings have been excavated from Mycenae and Tiring and can be seen in our photo collection. The style of the Mycenaean frescoes was similar to Minoan frescoes excavated on Crete at Knossos . Mycenaean fresco subject matter included depictions of religious ceremonies, processions, hunters and warriors. Some of the best preserved frescoes from Mycenae include female figures in profile wearing a tight-fitting jacket and holding perhaps a necklace. . Another popular Mycenaean subject was the figure-of-eight shields, which has shields which appear to be made of cow hide. Mycenaean fresco scenes often show ritual action, but with schematic drawing techniques. Walls were organized into three zones by artists: on the top of a wall was a band reserved for dados, the center was reserved for large pictoral scenes, and a bottom band covered by friezes. The frescos show that in Mycenaean processions, women usually wore their hair in a very elaborate way, having locks, tresses, buns, and curls all at the same time. Headdresses were also a large part of Mycenaean women’s attire. The Mycenaeans chose to wear a slightly different type of headdress, as they wore crown-like hats which are tight around the forehead and wide at the top, often with tassels. Browse Mycenaean fresco photos and images or by pictures as photo art prints.

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