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Mycenaean pottery museum antiquities photos images pictures. Mycenaean pottery was produced during the last phase of the Bronze Age in Ancient Greece, circa1750 to 1050 BC. The Mycenaeans were autochthonous Greeks who were likely stimulated by their contact with Minoan Crete and other Mediterranean cultures to develop a more sophisticated sociopolitical culture of their own. Much of the style of Mycenaean pottery is owed to the Minoans of Crete. The Mycenaeans copied Minoan styles such as found on "Marins Style" pottery. A very striking marine style adopted by the Mycenaeans can be seen on octopus pottery decorated pottery. In early Mycenaean octopus pottery the style is realistic with tentacles flowing around the pot, later the style became more stylised with a smaller octopus body and stylised tentacles. The Mycenaeans liked to decorate their pottery with floral designs. They also adopted Egyptian motifs such as stylised papyrus.

Clay figurines have been found at sites across the Mycenaean Empire dating from the 14th to 12th centuries BC and are remarkably similar in design. Highly stylized to the point of being almost unrecognisable as human forms, the figures are most commonly female and standing. Often these figures have two arms raised or crossed in front of the chest, a long skirt and a conical headdress. They are simply decorated with bold lines and sometimes jewellery is also painted on the figure using simple dots. Mycenaean pottery was exported and imitated not only throughout the Aegean but also in places as far afield as Anatolia, Syria, Egypt and Spain. There is also evidence that Mycenaean potters actually relocated and set up workshops abroad, particularly in Anatolia and southern Italy. Browse or download royalty free photos of mycenaean pottery or by as photo art prints.

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