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Nafplion Archaeological Museum Mycenaean antiquities collections. The Mycenaean antiquities held at the Naplion archaeological museum range from armour to pottery and figurines as well as frescoes. The museum holds a very fine suit of Mycenaean bronze armour in very good condition. Mycenaean suit of bronze amour, The Armor suit was excavated at Dendra, from the "Tomb of Armor" Mycenaean cemetery of Dendra, 1500 to 1180 BC . "Tomb of Armor", was investigated by N. Verdelis and two other chambered tombs were investigated by the Swedish archaeologist P. Åström. The excavation yielded many important discoveries such as jewellery, gems, weapons, tools and utensils of gold, silver, copper, alabaster glass, ivory, faience and semi-precious stones, as well as interesting pieces of pottery and figurines. However, the famous armour is the most interesting of these. The cemetery of Dendra is one of the richest Mycenaean cemeteries Peloponnese.

The Naplion Museum also hold antiquities excavated from the Mycenaean cemetery at Asine ( ancient Argolis), which were used continuously throughout the Late Bronze Age, 1600 - 1100 BC. The thriving settlement of Asine was at its height in the 12th century BC mainly because its harbour must have played an important role in maritime trade of the palatial centres of the Argive plain.

The Mycenaean cemetery at Palaia Epidauros has numerous Mycenaean chamber tombs that were used from the 15th to the 11th cent BC. The chamber tombs have a typical descending passageway to to entrance (dromo) into a rectangular or circular chamber (thalamoi). The museum has a fine collection of Mycenaean antiquities from Epidaurus.

Barbouna hill - the life in the citadel of Asini was interwoven with the surrounding area, especially the hill of Barbouna, where a big Mycenaean graveyard with significant findings was brought to light. Many funeral gifts were found in the tombs; this reinforces the theory that Asini had bonds with the cities of the Aegean Sea, with Crete and possibly with Cyprus.

The Museum also contains Mycenaean archaeological finds from the Mycenaean cemetery of Nafplion and Tiryns archaeological site.

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