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The Archaeological Museum of Nafplio Nafplion) antiquities - photos pictures images. This photo gallery has images of the museum antiquity collections held at Naflio archaeological museum. The museum antiquities range from Early Neolithic through Helladic cultures to the Mycenaeans and ancient Greek civilisations from archaeological sites around Nafplio in Greece Peloponnese. The largest collections cover Mycenaean antiquities one of the highlights being the Mycenaean suit of bronze amour, The Armor of Dendra, from the "Tomb of Armor" Mycenaean cemetery of Dendra, 1500 to 1180 BC. The museum also hold archaeological find from the well know archaeological sites of Tiryns, Dendra, Epidaurus and Asine.

Neolithic period - The museum's collection of clay vases and both anthropomorphic and zoomorphic clay figurines testify to cultural evolution that occurred during the Neolithic period.

Helladic Period Finds - The early Helladic period (3300-2100/2000 BCE) is represented by exhibits from Tiryns, Asine, Berbati and Palaia Epidauros. Artifacts from the Early Helladic Period include pottery,

Tiryns was a hill fort in the Argolid peninsula with occupation ranging back seven thousand years.A flourishing early pre-Hellenic settlement located about 15 km southeast of Mycenae was built on the site during the middle of the 3rd millennium BC.

Asine was also a city of ancient Argolis and was mentioned by Homer in the Iliad as under the rule of Diomedes, king of Argos. It is said to have been founded by the Dryopes, an aboriginal tribes of ancient Greece when Heracles and the Malians drove them out of the valleys of Mount Oeta and gave their homeland to the Dorians.

Berbati, the ancient name for Prosymna, was another ancient site where archaeologists found remains dating back to Neolithic times. It became a site for ceramic production and its vessels were exported throughout the northeast Peloponnese.

Palaia (Archaia) Epidavros, now combined with Nea Epidavros, was mentioned in Homer's Iliad as "rich in wine" and for sending a large number of ships to Troy.

These important antiquities are displayed in a modern museum that is a pleasure to visit. Download Ancient Greek and Mycenaean antiquities photos as royalty free images of buy as photo art pictures on line.


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