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Paul Williams photo of the Louvre Museum Paris antiquities from Ancient Assyrian antiquaries, artefacts and relief sculpture orthostats from Nineveh in upper Mesopotamia in present day Iraq. Situated in the Ancient fertile crescent the area around Nineveh has been inhabited since about 6000BC. Nineveh came to importance under the rule of King Sennacherib (704 - 681) who made Nineveh capital of the Assyrian Empire. The Louvre Assyrian relief sculpture panels are from Ashurnasirpal Nineveh North Palace, 668-627 B.C which depict a lion hunt from chariots. The British Museum London is one of the foremost historical museums in the world. The Louvre houses important unique ancient Assyrian collections of antiquaries and artefacts. The Ninevah Assyrian collection at the Louvre is an important source of learning for academics and enthusiasts of ancient world.

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