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North Yorks Moors National Park pictures, images & photos. The North Yorks moors are one of the largest expanses of heather moorland in the United Kingdom and became a National Park in 1952. Located in the north east of England just south of the Tees the boundaries of the moors are defined by the steep scarp slopes of the Cleveland Hills to the north, the Hambleton Hills to the west, the Tabular Hills to the the south with the eastern boundary being the North Sea.

The North Yorks Moors is a domed shaped area rising to 1100 ft at Blakey. Valleys or Dales are cut into the dome radiating to the north & south. The geology is dominated is dominated by rock of the Jurassic period with shales, limestones and sandstone. Fossils can be found in the rocks of Robin Hoods Bay and iron ore was mined in Rosedale & Farndale. Alum was extracted along the coast and deposits of Jet are found around Whitby.

Visitors today see a wild landscape of heather moorland which bloom deep purple in late summer cut by remote green dales where sheep graze. The land is far from wild though and is the result of thousands of years of land management and farming. The moors are still separated into the feudal Manors the the Normans created when they conquered England in 1066. The heather moorland is populated by the Grouse which are managed and hunted for a short period each year who come from all round the world to pay £1000 a day to shoot grouse on the moors.

Rosedale was an industrial valley 150 years ago with iron ore mining all around the valley. It is hard to visualise that what appears to be such an unspoilt dale had a mining population of 5000. High above the ruins of 2 kilns linked by a an old railway track are all that is left of the important mining area that sent iron ore to the foundries of Teeside just north of the moors.

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