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Pictures images photos of Noto, Sicily pictures, photos. Images of Noto Baroque buildings & architecture to buy on line as stock photos or photo art prints. Noto, rebuilt after the earthquake of 1693 on the left bank of River Asinaro, was planned on a grid system by Giovanni Battista Landolina. This new city occupied a position nearer to the Ionian Sea. The presence of architects like Rosario Gagliardi, Francesco Sortino and others, made the new Noto a masterpiece of Sicilian Baroque, dubbed the "Stone Garden" by Cesare Brandi and is currently listed among UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. The new structures are characterized by a soft tufa stone, which under sunlight assumes a typical honey tonality. Parts of the cathedral suddenly collapsed in 1996, and the exterior has recently been rebuilt One feature of Sicilian Baroque was the used of sculptured stone corbels to support them. Subuct matter ranged from decorative lines of horses to corbels that were designed to cause amusement in passers by. The best balconies in Noto are on the Villadorata palace.

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