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Pictures and images of Nuraghe Arrubiu Nuragic complex, Orroli, Sardinia. Photos by photographer Paul E Williams. Nuraghe Arrubiu Nuragic complex is one of the largest in Sardinia. Built between 13th and 9th centuries BC it is one of the most important megalithic monuments of the Mediterranean. Nuraghe Arrubiu is the only pentalobed nuraghe so far excavated. Situated on a trachytic plateau overlooking the villages of Nurri and Orroli, it got is name of Nuraghe Arrubiu ( Red Nuraghe) because of the red lichen that grows on its massive basalt blocks. The main nuraghe tower dates from the 13th century BC and was probably at least 27 m high. It still has ground and first floor chambers with ogive tholos roofs in tact. The central tower at Arrubiu is surrounded by a 5 towered bastion giving it its pentalobed shape. Outside this is a further wall with 7 towers that makes up an internal walled compound. Stone benches and the remains of a fireplace, stone basin and earthenware crockery in the yard suggest that it may have been a communal eating area. Beyond this wall are the remains of a third outer wall which had another 5 defensive towers. This made Nuraghe Arrubiu a formidable and probably impregnable defensive structure of great size covering an area of 5000 square meters. Outside the walls of Nuraghe Arrubiu are the remains of the circular huts of a Nuragic village. The site was abandoned in about the 9th century BC, possibly after an earthquake, and re-occupied from the 2nd century BC by the Romans who turned the ruins of the Nuragic village into a wine press and storage rooms.

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