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Pictures images photos of Nuraghe Santa Sabina and Santa Sabina Byzantine church, Silanus, Sardinia. Photos by photographer Paul E Williams. The Santa Sabina archaeological complex is one of the most important examples of religious syncretism in Sardinia. Santa Sabina site has the remains of a Bronze a village, a single tower Nuraghe and a Byzantine church dedicated to Santa Sabina. The presence on the site of the sacred well of Cherchizzu and 2 Giants tomb means that the site has been used for religious purposes continuously for over 3000 years. The Nuraghe Santa Sabina is 12.6 m in diameter and has an intact ogive vault 8.6 m high. An internal staircase leads up to the now missing higher floors. The Nuraghe Santa Sabina can be dated between the second half of the 14th and 10th centuries BC, then between the late Bronze Age and the beginning of the Bronze Age.

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