Nuragic Complex & Nuraghe of Serbissi, Sardinia - Pictures & Images - { 19 images } Created 14 Feb 2018

Pictures images photos of the Nuragic complex and Nuraghe of Serbissi, Osini, Sardinia. Dating from the 17th - 12th century BC the Nuraghe Serbissi is situated at 963 m high on a limestone plateau overlooking the Ogliastra Mountains. Below the nuraghe is the entrance of a grotto which has show evidence of habitation since neolithic times, serving as a food store during the Nuragic period. Nuraghe Serbissi comprises 4 towers strengthened by a bastion. Four passageways join the network of towers together. The main tower is 6.5 m high and the ogive tholos roof of its ground floor chamber is in tact. A staircase leads up to what would have been a first floor chamber now missing. Around the Nuraghe are remains of round huts probably remnants of a Nuragic village. Nuraghe Serbissi has a formidable defensive location in central Sardinia and its wild setting in a Sardinian Natural Park makes it one of the most enigmatic nuraghe of the island.

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