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pictures images photos of the antiquities and artefacts of the Pergamon Museum (pergamonmuseum) Berlin. Situated on the Museum Island in Berlin the Pergamon Museum is one of the great archaeological museums of the world housing many important ancient archaeological collections from the Near East from Neolithic through to Roman times. At its centre the Pergamon Museum houses the reconstructed Roman Pergamon Altar moved to the museum in 1901 from Ancient Pergamon in present day Turkey. Other life sized reconstructions in the Pergamon include the Ishtar Gates from ancient Babylon and the Roman Market Gates of Mientus. In the south wing of the Pergamon Museum is the Vorderasiatisches Museum Berlin (Near East Museum) which includes orthostats from Syro Hittite excavations fromTell Halaf (Guzana) and Sam'al as well as Assyrian panels and statues from Nimrod, Ninive, Susa or Persepolis. Download photos of the exhibits of the Pergamon Museum or buy as photo art prints on line.

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