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Photos of Kasbah Tamedaght, Morocco. The Kasbah’s of Tamedaght sit in the middle of the Ounila valley north of Ait Ben Haddu. Tamedaght is a collection of Kasbah’s sitting on a bluff above the green swathe of palm trees that follow the river. Most of the Kasbah’s have been renovated and are luxury hotels but the old Kasbah owned by the Gloui family is still in ruins. The Gloui brothers Thami and Madni, who became fabulously rich from the taxes they exacted from traders that came past Tamedaght. They owned all the main Kasbahs that ran from the Sahara over the Atlas mountain pass north of Tamedaght to Marrakech, in this way they could extract taxes from the camel caravans that used the route in return for which the Gloui family gave protection along the route from the chain of Kasbah’s they owned. Tamedaght is very evocative situated in the stoney desert surrounded by desolate hills that reach up the the often snow capped peaks of the high Atlas mountains. The valley around Tamedaght and the pass beyond has been at the centre of Berber trade and history for centuries and would seen the great armies of the Sultans pass by. The Adobe Kasbah’s are typical of Berber design that can be found all along the Draa Valley influencing the architecture in Mali where many of the camel caravans came from with their precious goods. Buy as high resolution stock royalty free images of travel images to download on line or buy as photo art prints.
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