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Pictures images & photos of Roman mosaics from the Near East exhibited at the Louvre Museum Paris. This picture gallery of Roman mosaics from the Near East contains floor mosaics from Roman villas as well as floors from early Christian basilicas. The centre of early Christianity was in the Roman Levant and this Louvre mosaic collection shows some well preserved early Christian mosaics. The mosaic floor of the Church of St. Christopher, Qabar Hiram, Lebanon, AD 575, depicts Mediterranean fishes as well as goats and chickens in a typical Roman geometric design. A more complex swirling pattern of vines is overlaid with more exotic animals such as lions and tigers. The early Christians of the Levant seemed much more preoccupied with imagery that depicted the miracles of the natural world than narratives from the bible and the life of Christ that absorbed the Christians of the Middle ages. The Louvre Roman mosaics also show the outside and interiors of early Roman churches built in the Romanesque Basilica style. The mosaics from the Roman villas of the Levant followed the same themes as those found all over the Roman Empire. The collection exhibits Roman mosaic of an Amazon on horseback fighting, From Daphne, a suburb of Antioch, Antakya, Turkey, 4th century AD. Marble blocks and glass paste cubes. The mosaic depicts the legendary woman warriors known as the Amazons, who fought with one breast showing, fighting a soldier with armour. Pictures and images of Roman mosaics from the Near East from the Louvre can be bought on line as high resolution royalty free stock photos to download on line or buy as photo art prints. Non editorial right must be obtained from the Louvre Paris

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