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Picture & images of the ruins of the Ancient Greek Didyma Temple of Apollo & home to the Oracle of Apollo. Also known as the Didymaion completed circa 550 BC. Photos by photographer Paul E Williams. modern Didim in Aydin Province, Turkey. Ancient Greek Didyma Temple lies at one end of an 11 mile (24 KM) processional Sacred Way that started in Miletius on the western Anatolian coast in pesent day Turkey. Didyma Temple, or the Didymaion, was completed around 550 BC and was built over a spring from which an Oracle made prophecies. As this Oracle of Apollo was second only to the Oracle of Delphi in the Ancient World, Didyma Temple became an important centre. An annual procession was held along the Sacred Way from Mietius to Didyma. The culmination of the festivities was an annual feat which included athletic and artistic competitions. Victors were often honoured with statues, the bases of which can be seen today at the archaeological site. The inscriptions on these statue bases are citations to flute players, trumpeters, actors, pantomine artista and orators which give us a picture of the types of artistic competions held at Didyma. The Atheletic games held in the nearby stadium included wrestling, track racing but no chariot racing. Didyma Temple continued as an important temple until the 5th & 6th century AD when a Byzantine church was built in the Temple courtyard. Download picture & images of the ruins of the Ancient Greek Didyma Temple of Apollo & home to the Oracle of Apollo or buy as photo art prints on line.

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