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Pictures Images photos of Alaca Hoyuk (Alacahoyuk, Alacahöyük or Alaca Höyük ) Hittite archaeological site Alaca, Çorum Province, Turkey, Photos by photographer Paul E Williams. Alaca Hoyuk (also known as Alacahoyuk, Alacahüyük, Aladja-Hoyuk, Euyuk, or Evuk) is one of the important Hittite archaeological sites. Dating from Neolithic times Alaca Hoyuk has fine Bronze Age Royal tombs as well as Hittite archaeology. The best preserved Hittite remains are around the monumental Sphinx Gate. The Sphinx Gate at Alaca Hoyuk is the only Hittite Imperial Period gate structure whose entrance is flanked by orthostat reliefs within the Hittite heartland. The Sphinx Gate is 10-meter wide and its exterior walls are clad with Hittite relief sculpted orthostat panels. The two towered gate entrance is adorned with two-meter tall sphinx statues. On the left tower, a bull standing on a platform symbolises the Storm God. On the next block, a king and a queen proceed with praying gestures before an altar. The following three blocks depict sacrificial animals being led before bearers of cult objects followed by jugglers performing on a ladder with daggers. On the interior face of the corner orthostat of the left tower, a ritual scene displays four persons holding symbolic staves. Similarly, a religious ceremony is depicted on the orthostats of the right tower. Officials proceed with praying gestures towards a goddess seared on a throne at the head of the frieze. This goddess is interpreted as the Sun goddess of the city of Arinna, wife of the Storm God. All these depictions represent an entire ritual set of cult, libation, hunting, and entertainment that comprise a religious ceremony in honour of the Storm God.


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