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Pictures photos image of Ateni Sioni Georgian Orthodox tetraconch Church, 7th century, Ateni, Georgia. Built in the 7th century following the ground plan of Jvari Monastery Ateni Sioni Georgian Orthodox follows a tetraconch cruciform layout with four apse with niches between each and a central cupola. The tetraconch cross layout allows for internal corner rooms open to the rest of the interior as apposed to side aisles and a transept layout. The spacious interior has 8 columns supporting four squinches that support a low central dome. The lower part of Ateni Sioni Church is built in red sandstone with yellow-green tuff above.
The Ateni Sioni Church was renovated in the 10th century, probably by Armenian architect Todosak. It was further restored in the 16th century.

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