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Pictures photos images of medieval Gelati Georgian Orthodox medieval monastic complex & Cathedral near Kutaisi in the Imereti region of western Georgia (country). A UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the lower southern slopes of the mountains of the Northern Caucasus, Gelati Monastery reflects the 'golden age' of medieval Georgia, a period of political strength and economic growth between the reigns of King David IV 'the Builder' (1089-1125) and Queen Tamar (1184-1213). Gelati Monastery, eulogised as the “New Athens” and the “Second Jerusalem”, was one of the greatest spiritual and cultural centres of Georgia in the Middle Ages, The Monastery was founded by King Davit Agmashenebeli (1089-1125), in 1106. At the monastery there functioned an academy, where there lived and worked outstanding Georgian scientists, philosophers and theologians. Since the 14th century Gelati has been an Episcopal Cathedral. Central building of the Monastery is a central cupola church of the Virgin Mary. Its interior is covered with fresco paintings from different periods. The altar apse is decorated with brilliant mosaic composition of a standing Virgin Mary holding the Child Jesus with archangels on her sides. This Byzantine mosaic dates from the 1125-1130. In the western narthex there are several murals dating from the 12th century depicting seven ecumenical councils. Most of the murals in the cathedral ere executed in the second half of the 16th century. Other architectural monuments of the Gelati Monastery are of the 12th & 14th century. These are the Academy Church of St George, interior was painted in the 16th century, a two storied building of St Nicholas and a bell tower , one of the oldest in Georgia. Since 1994 Gelati Monastery has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Gelati Monastery was also the burial place of Georgian Kings. At the Southern gates of the Monastery was the grave of St Davit.    The whole monastic precinct is included in the property and contains all the main 12th century buildings as well as those added in the 13th century. All the attributes necessary to express the Outstanding Universal Value are present and included in the area. No important original feature of the monastery from the 12th and 13th centuries have been lost during the centuries, and its landscape setting remains largely intact. Not all buildings are in a good state of conservation.   Download pictures & images of medieval Gelati Georgian Orthodox medieval monastic complex or buy as photo art prints on line.

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