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Pictures photos images of the artefacts and antiquities of the Hierapolis Archaeological Museum, Hierapolis, Turkey. The Hierapolis Archaeological Museum is housed in the old Roman baths of Hierapolis since 1984. The museum holds antiquities excavated from Hierapolis as well as from Laodicea, Colossae, Tripolis, Attuda and other towns of the Lycus (Çürüksu) Valley. Room A contains findings from the excavations at Hierapolis and Laodicea, including sarcophagi, statues, gravestones, pedestals, pillars, and inscriptions. Among these artifacts are statues of Tyche, Dionysos, Pan, Asklepios, Isis, Demeter and Triton, which although executed by the Romans were inspired by the Hellenistic traditions. Particularly interesting are representations of local customs on family tombs. One of the finest sarcophagi in this room is the Columned Sarcophagus Sarcopinagu of Euthios Pyrrnon, Asian Archon (ruler) from Laodicea. Room C contains beautiful sculpted relief panels from the theatre of Hierapolis. these are reliefs devoted to the myth of Apollo and Artemis, the delights of Dionysos and the Roman Emperor Septimus Severus. There are depictions of the abduction of Persephone by Hades and sculpted sphinxes. Sculpted reliefs reminiscent of Attalos and Eumenes are on display. Inscriptions describing the coronation of the goddess Hierapolis and decisions of the assembly concerning the theatre may be seen. Download pictures and images of the artefacts and antiquities of the Hierapolis Archaeological Museum or buy as photo art prints. For editorial use only. For advertising property rights contact the Museum.

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