Pictures & Images of Ivriz Hittite relief rock sculpture. { 7 images } Created 17 Sep 2018

Pictures images photos of the Ivriz Hittite rock relief sculpture monument, Turkey. Photos by photographer Paul E Williams. The monument, a relief from the Late Hittites Empire era (1180-700 B.C), was built by Warpalawas who Was one of the kings of Tuwana about 800 B.0 on the face plate of a rock mass besides the Ivriz River. The Ivriz rock monument which is one of the important artworks of Late Hittite art which became Arameans has the sizes of 4.20x4.20 m, and it is an important monument that has survived since the Tuwana Kingdom which was conquered by the effects of Arameans. In Ivriz Hittite rock monument, Tarhundas the God of Thunder and Warpalawas the king of the region was illustrated. Tarhundas who was illustrated in a bigger size than the king holds a stook and a bunch of grapes in his hands. Thus, it is understood that Tarhundas is also the god of plenitude and fertility. The king is positioned in the opposite of god, smaller and in a praying position. In the relief, there is the expression saying "1 am Warpalawas the king of Tuwana, the ruler and a hero. I planted these grapes while I was a young prince in the palace. Let the god Tarhundas give plenitude and fertility.”


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