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Ancient Egyptian antiquities of the Louvre Museum Paris. Ancient Egyptian mummy coffins and sarcophagi, richly decorated relief sculptures and funereal stele, tomb and temple wall art, wooden models of boats and gods and pottery finds from ancient Egyptian tombs. The louvre museum is a world famous museum and its Ancient Egyptian collection is extensive.

The Louvre Museum's Egyptian Antiquities collection is the largest of its kind spanning thirty dynasties over 3000 years. Apart from ancient Egyptian art the collection also contains stone sarcophagi , papyrus scrolls, sculptures, steles (marker slabs), stone statues to bronzes. The collection spans Ancient Egypt, the Middle Kingdom (2055 BC – 1650 BC) and the Roman (30 BCE – 641), Ptolemaic (305 BCE – 30 BCE) periods. The collection contains antiquities from Egypt to the Sudan with sculptures, paintings, tombs and temples, religious and everyday objects from about 5,000 years ago to the 4th century AD. Our picture image photo gallery of the Louvre Museum’s comprehensive Egyptian collection contains many highlights of the antiquities on display.

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