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Pictures, images and photos of prehistoric menhir standing orthostats stones dating from during the late European Neolithic around 4500 and 2000 BC. There are many Menhir standing stones in Sardinia. One of the biggest archaeological site is the prehistoric Copper age proto anthropomorphic standing stone statue Menhirs in the Biru 'e Concas archaeological site, Sorgono, Sardinia. The Prehistoric Nuragic Complex of Tamuli, Macomer, Sardinia, has conical stone betyls representing female fertility with 2 small carved breasts, probably nuragic sacred stones. At laconi is a wonderful Menhir museum with a wonderful collection of Sardinian Menhir standing stones. The Menhirs are of three types: proto-anthropomorphic, of ogival shape and void of depictions, anthropomorphic ungendered figures, with somatic facial features, and statues-menhirs rich in details that distinguish the sex. Typically the carvings in the stone of stylised people male figure starts at the top with a long triangular nose from which 2 eyebrows arch around the top of the stone. Below this is a carving of a falling figure with head at the bottom and 2 long curved arms encircling a body above. Carvings of wedge shaped daggers can typically be found on the menhirs as well. Speculation by academics have suggested that the masculine prehistoric menhir standing stones represented the ancestors or great warriors. Download pictures and images of the prehistoric menhir standing orthostats stones on line or buy as photo art prints.

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