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Pictures photos images of the Ancient Greek & Roman building ruins of Miletus Archaeological Site, Anatolia, Turkey. Photos by photographer Paul E Williams. Miletus is situated on the delta of the Maeander River where it flows into the Aegean sea and dates back to Neolithic times. During the Archaic Greek Period Miletus became one of the twelve ancient Greek cities of Ionia which came under Persian rule. The ancient harbour city of Miletus was the economic and cultural centre of the eastern Aegean and home to the early natural philosophers Thales and Anaximander. Via the Maeander River Valley Miletus also connected to the Central Anatolian High Plateau. At the turn of the 5th century BCE Miletus led an unsuccessful uprising of Greek Ionian cities against Persian rule and was punished with destruction. Renewed prosperity during the Hellenistic and the Roman imperial periods resulted in many opulent marble buildings. A Greek Theatre was built which was remodelled many times to a width of 139.8 meters to seat 18,500 people. Miletus was connected to Temple of Apollon at Didyma by a Sacred Way. At the beginning of the Sacred Way is an Ionic Stoa forming a colonnade of Ionic order that is 99 m long, 9 m high. A portico served as a covered grandstand and ornamental backdrop during various ceremonious processions on the street in front of it. The Baths of Faustina were the largest bath and sports complex at Miletus in Roman times. Established by Faustina the Younger, wife of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius (161-180 AD). In Late Antiquity the building was used as part of the city fortifications of Miletus. The Great Harbour monument was opened by the city of Miletus either in honour of the achievements of Pompeius in his war against the pirates (67 BC) or for the victory of Augustus over Mark Antony and Cleopatra in the battle of Actium (31 BC). In late antiquity the Maeander delta became cut off from the open sea and led to annual flooding of Miletus ancient city centre. Later Byzantine and Islamic developments at Miletus were on the high ground above the flood plain.

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