Pictures & Images of Minoan Larnax Coffin Chest Sarcophagus { 50 images } Created 13 Jun 2020

Pictures photo & images of Minoan Larnax terracotta coffin chests.The larnax was the standard type of coffin in Crete from the early fourteenth century to the twelfth century B.C. The rectangular larnax chest sat on legs and had a gabled lid. Some examples have raised borders around their margins which probably emulate earlier wooden versions. A number of Larnax chests are also painted with a variety of naturalistic motifs and scenes which make these chest a rich source of late Crete Minoan III pictorial art. More complex art can be found on the limestone Hagia Triada Sarcophagus which is painted with frescoes depicting the ceremonies honouring the dead. These sumptuous frescoes are some the best preserved Minoan art and can be found at the Heraklion museum Crete. Download pictures of Minoan Larnax coffin chests as royalty free stock photos or order on line as photo art prints.

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