Pictures & Images of Minoan Rhython Ritual Vessels { 131 images } Created 13 Jun 2020

Pictures photos images of Minoan ritual rhython libation vessel antiquities. Rhytons are containers from which liquids were drunk or to be poured in ceremonies known as libations. Many rhythons have a hole in the bottom of the container through which the liquid was poured, others did not and were used as drinking cups, Rhytons had pointed bases so they could not usually be set down on a surface without spilling their contents. One of the most striking Minoan rhython design is that of a bulls head shaped container. Several can be seen in our Minoan rhython picture collection. Some of the bulls head rhytons were owned by wealth Minoans who could afford to have the bulls horns made of gold, A very typical Minoan rhython has a stylised octopus design, This motif can also be seen on other types of Minoan pottery. Conical Minoan rhythons were made of pottery of carved from stone and decorated with crystal handles. Browse pictures and images of Minoan ritual rhython libation vessels from Heraklion Museum or download as stock photos or buy as prints.

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