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Pictures photos images of Nikortsminda St Nicholas Georgian Orthodox Cathedral, 11th century, Nikortsminda, Racha region of Georgia (country). A UNESCO World Heritage Tentative Site. Founded in 1010-1014 by King Bagrat III the first King of the Kingdom of Georgia and dedicated to St Nicholas. Nicortsminda Cathedral of St. Nicholas is one of the most important architectural monuments of the medieval Georgia. The floor plan of Nikortsminda Cathedral is hexagonal each side of which, apart from the west wall, has an apse yet the outside shape of the Cathedral is cruciform. In the centre of the church rises a Georgian style drum shaped straight sided cylindrical cupola with windows in it. The exterior of Nikortsminda Cathedral is richly decorated with Bas relief stone work. As it typical of Georgian church architecture most of the stone work is of geometric patterns with heavily decorated window surrounds. The East wall is richly decorated with architraves and a panel with saints including one of St George on horseback slaying a dragon. Nikortsminda lapidary decoration testifies to the superb skill of the craftsmen and the artistic standards of its stone masons, which make this Cathedral one of the most outstanding examples of Georgian architecture. The inside of Nikortsminda Cathedral is richly decorated with Georgian late medieval frescoes of the 16th and 17th centuries with numerous portraits of feudal rulers. Other subjects depicted are the Transfiguration, Doomsday and other evangelic subjects, figures of the Saints, and of real and fantastic beasts. Christ Pantocrator, in Majesty, is depicted in the apse above the altar and a simple cross decorated the inside of the cupola with a line of saint running around the inside of the cupola walls. Nikortsminda Cathedral is under restoration and will be one of the finest Cathedrals to visit in Georgia. Download pictures & images of Nikortsminda St Nicholas Georgian Orthodox Cathedral or buy as photo art prints on line.

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