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Pictures photos images of Phrygian artefacts and antiquity museum exhibits of the Çorum Archaeological Museum, Corum, Turkey. In view of Antiquity writers such as Herodotus and Strabo, Phrygians called Bhrygians or Bhrygues were one of the Thracian tribes who migrated from Macedonia to Anatolia through the Dardanelles straits. According to Western sources the first King of the Phrygian state. In Early the Phrygian Period, pots were generally hand made. Phrygian pots were generally decorated with painted geometric designs and illustrations of animals or engraved with spot designs. From the begining of the 9th century BC Phrgians started to use the potters wheel. In the Phrygian settlement of the Corum region unburnished terracotta pots in dark colours with painted geometric designs were popular. From the 8th century BC Phrygian pottery spread throughout the Halys River region.

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