Pictures & Images of Roman Relief Sculpted Sarcophagus of Adana Archaeology Museum - { 53 images } Created 30 Oct 2018

Pictures photos images of Roman relief sculpted sarcophagus of Adana Archaeology Museum, Turkey. Adana Archaeology Museum has a collection of Roman sarcophagi from the area. They are mostly Roman Garland Sarcophagi from the 3rd century AD. The garland style of sarcophagus is typical of the Pamphylia region of southern Anatolia in the Roman Province of Asia. The Pamphylia Type of Sarcophagus has carved garlands of fruit, flowers and leaves that pass right around the tomb in low curving swathes. In addition to the garlands figures of animals heads are carved to create a repeating design that runs around the sarcophagus. Adana Archaeology Museum sarcophagus collection also contains ostothec or osthotek which were used to preserve the ashes and bones of the dead bodies after their cremation and takes the form from a small sarcophagus. This ostothecs of Adana Archaeology Museum look like miniature example of the garland sarcophagi. The lid is carved in the form of a roof with two triangular shaped pediments.

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