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Pictures photos images of the Roman relief sculpted sarcophagi of Antalya Archaeological Museum, Turkey. Antalya Archaeological Museum has a fine collection of sarcophagi excavated from Perge Archaeological site. One of the most typical Roman sarcophagus designs from the 2nd century AD is the Sarcophagus of Garlands. The sarcophagus was discovered during excavation work at Perge in 1995. This tomb is decorated with garlands composed of leaves, flowers and fruits. This type of sarcophagus is described as a “Pamphylia Type Sarcophagus". It is known that these sarcophagi garlanded tombs originated in Perge and manufactured in the sculpture workshops of Perge. A popular theme of the Perge Roman sarcophagi is Hercules (Herakles). One Hercules Sarcophagus was discovered during excavations conducted at Perge, and has been exhibited since 1962. it is from the group of tombs classified as. "Columned Sarcophagi of Asia Minor”. The lid of the sarcophagus is of the roof-shaped type with a triangular pediment at each end. On each of the pediments are carved Medusa heads that were deployed to protect the grave. The uppermost and corner akroteres are carved in the form of palmets The top of the lid is ornamented with carved flat tilce. The tiles terminate with carved antefixtures carved in the form of lion heads. The Antalya Archaeological Museum Roman relief sarcophagus collection also contains a fine cremation sarcophagus known as an ostothec which was used to preserve the ashes and bones of the dead bodies after their cremation and takes the form of a small sarcophagus. This ostothec is a miniature example of the garland sarcophagi that are exhibited in our hall. The same decoration of shield, theatre mask and Medusa's head, that were believed as to protect the grave from evil, used on garlanded sarcophagi, are employed in the same style. The lid is carved in the form of a roof with two triangular shaped pediments. The Antalya Archaeological Museum Roman relief sarcophagus collection also contains fine examples of Sidamara Type of sarcophagus in which the deceased are sculpted reclining on the lid of the sarcophagus.

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