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Pictures photos & images of Roman stone sculptured relief sarcophagus antiquities. A sarcophagus is a stone carved coffin used for inhumation burials. Burial in a sarcophagus was not a popular with the Romans until the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD. Once popularised though the Romans produced incredibly elaborated sarcophagus with intricate relief sculptures. Three major centres and style of sarcophagus production grew in importance. Attic sarcophagi were produced in Athens and drew on the ancient Greek tradition, western Roman style sarcophagi were produced in Rome and Asiatic sarcophagi were produced in Anatolia. The most common shape fro the Roman sarcophagus made in Rome was that of a low rectangular box with a flat lid. The Kline lid was also popular which had sculpted depictions of the deceased reclining on as if reclining on a Kline couch. Western Roman sarcophagus were usually placed against the walls of mausoleums so were only sculpted on one side. The Kline couch lid was also produced in the Attic and Anatolian workshops. Attic sarcophagi are typically rectangular in shape, decorated on all four sides, with elaborate ornamental carving along the base and upper edge. Lids usually have the form of a steeply pitched gabled roof. Typical Asiatic styles included the columned sarcophagus and the garland sarcophagus. The Garland Sarcophagus is described as a “Pamphylia Type Sarcophagus". It is known that these sarcophagi garlanded tombs originated in Perge and manufactured in the sculptural workshops of Perge. The lid of this tomb is in the form of a roof with a triangular pediment at each end. The ends of the roof tiles terminate with antefixtures carved in the form of palmets and masks. The uppermost and corner akrotaries of the pediment are carved in the form of palmets. A stylised rosette-flower is carved in one triangular pediment, the other triangular pediment carries a stylised shield motive. The shield motive is frequently to be seen on tombs and is one of the symbols that were carved on tombs to protect it. The Asiatic sarcophagi classified as. "Columned Sarcophagi of Asia Minor” had the lids of the sarcophagus roof-shaped type with a triangular pediment at each end. On each of the pediments are carved Medusa heads that were deployed to protect the grave.

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