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Pictures & Images reconstructions of Roman statues in colour as they would have looked 2000 years ago Created by by Paul E Williams:
"as a photographer of historic buildings and art I have become increasingly interested in how the artworks would have looked when new. It is well known that ancient artworks were painted when new and this practise continued through the middle ages when the great great Gothic cathedrals were painted on the outside as well as on the inside. I decided to experiment and reconstruct Roman statues in colour but I didn't want to do it in a haphazard way. I looked at the colour Roman statue reconstructions made by the Archaeologist Vinzenz Brinkmann who has analysed colour fragments on statues to create colour replicas. I have always felt that the eye popping colours may be a bit too vibrant but who really knows. One thing is for sure, the Romans prized the vein free Carrara white marble for a reason. I think that reason is because the marble would take washes well. This would give the colour a much more natural look than the Vinzenz Brinkmann reconstructions. As i don't have any way of knowing the colours used on the statues I went to study Roman mosaics from which I pooled together colour ways used on different Gods and mythological characters. I used this knowledge to colour the Roman statues that I have done so far and can be seen in this picture gallery. I think the end result id quite startlingly natural allowing for a new take on the Roman artists work. hope you enjoy the Roman Statues in colour and even though I know it is a shock to see them coloured it must be remembered that this is something like the Romans would have seen them 2000 years ago."

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