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Pictures photos Images of the Hittite sculptures from the city gate of Sam'al - Zincirli. Neo Syro Hittite. Basalt 8th century BC. Vorderasiatisches Pergamon Museum Berlin. amʼal, also Zincirli Höyük, is an archaeological site located in the Anti-Taurus Mountains of modern Turkey's Gaziantep Province. The site of Samʼal was occupied in the Early Bronze Age (c. 3000-2000BCE), and Middle Bronze Age since c. 2000 until 1650, when it was sacked by Hittite king Hattusili I. Kingdom of Samʼal (in Samalian Yādiya, in Aramaic Ya'udi) was a middle power of the Middle-East in the first half of the 1st millennium BCE. It was near the Nur Mountains. Samʼal was the capital of the country. Royal steles and stone tablets from the period, of Kilamuwa and Panamuwa II, are the main sources for historical data about this timeperiod. It became a middle power at the end of the 10th century BCE. It had expanded from being a city state and gained territories from Carchemish, around Adana from Quwê and remained independent.


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