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Pictures images photos of the Buruciye Madrasah, Gök Medrese & Sifaiye Medrese seljuk buildings of Sivas, Turkey. Situated in central Turkey on the main trading routes from Iran and Iraq, Sivas has some of Anatolia’s most important Seljuk architecture. The Buruciye Madrasah is one of the most famous structures of Sivas and Anatolia with its magnificent crown gate. built by Dr. Muzaffer Burucerdî from Burucerd near Hamedan (Iran) to teach physics, chemistry and astronomy. The Buruciye Madrasah entrance door of the yellowish stones and the interior facade of the courtyard are among the finest examples of Seljuk stone carving. It has a rectangular plan close to the square and consists of columnar porticoes around the open courtyard and the cells behind them. Gök Medrese is one of the most famous works of the Seljuks. Located in the centre of Sivas. Built in 1271 by Vizier Ata Faahreddin Ali, the Gok Medrese is still a masterpiece of Seljuk architecture after 742 years. The marble crown gate of Gok Medrese has a very rich decorative appearance. Its islamic Muqarnas corbeled vault is made up of a large number of miniature squinches, producing a sort of cellular structure. The crown gate of Gök Medrese is one of the best examples of Seljuk architecture in Anatolia.

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