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Pictures photos images of Ubisa (Ubisi) St. George Georgian Orthodox medieval monastery, 1141, Georgia (country). Ubisa St. George monastery is located in a deep valley close to the Tblisi to Black Sea highway. Founded in the 9th century by founded by St. Grigol (Gregory) of Khandzta under the patronage of King of Abkhazs Demetre II. The Ubisa St. George church, 1141 AD, is a single nave with a barrel vaulted roof and a single apse above the altar. The exterior of the church is not decorated and there is a simple bell tower close to its east end. The bell tower also doubles as a defensive tower and it is accessed by a door on the second floor. The fresco paintings inside Ubisa St. George church are beautifully preserved with some damage to the face of Christ in the apse. They are painted in a local byzantine style known as Palaeologus, after the Byzantine Emperor of that name. The frescoes were painted by Gerasim, a local artist. The apse frescoes depioct a enthroned Christ Pantocrator giving the Orthodox “KiRo” bessing with the fingers of his right hand. Christ is surrounded by saints and below is a fresco of the Last Supper. The frescoes of the barrel vaulted ceiling depict Christ in a mandorla with scenes from his life and the faces of saints in medallions that decortate the ceiling ribs. On the side walls are frescoes of a Georgian King and Queen, presumably King of Abkhazs Demetre II who endowed the monastery. Download pictures & images of Ubisa St. George Georgian Orthodox medieval monastery or buy photo art prints on line.

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