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Pictures image photos of Uchisar castle, cave city and fairy chimney rock formations and rock pillars, Uchisar, Cappadocia, Nevsehir, Turkey. A UNESCO World Heritage Site. Uçhisar was first reported in the 14th century by Aziz ibn Ardasir but was occupied far earlier by the Hittites. The natural defensive nature of the high volcanic tuff rock standing 60 meters high with a vantage point over the Cappadocian plateau made it a natural place to build a castle. The Byzantine Romans did this as part of a buffer zone against Islamic expansion into Anatolia in the 5th century. The Byzantine Romans built passages below the castle with cave houses for the 1000 people who manned the castle. Underground galleries run down 100 meters below the rocks summit where the castle stood. When Anatolia eventually fell to the Arabs Uçhisar became an Arab stronghold with a small caravanserais for merchants camel trains to stop in at night. Today Uçhisar castle rock is an impressive sight with windows visible running up its sheer sides. Earthquakes have caused damage to the rock exposing rooms deep within. One family still lives in one of Uchisar’s fairy chimneys and runs a cafe from it. It has been their family home for generations and is still decorated as all the traditional fairy chimney house were in the area.

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