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Pictures photos Images of the Archangel Georgian Orthodox Church, 10th - 11th century, Upper Krikhi, Krikhi, Georgia (country). Krikhi Archangel Church is a single rectangular church with a projecting altar apse at its eastern end, a main door with porch at its southern side and a covered terrace at its western end. For a small church Krikhi Archangel Church is extremely well decorated on the outside with Georgian style bas relief stonework. The south door has intricate carvings along its pillars and in the architraves above the door. The churches small windows are highly decorated with stone tracery around them. Inside Krikhi Archangel Church there are some remain of the fresco paintings that would have originally covered all of its interior walls. The apse still has fragments of a fresco depicting 3 saints in a Roman Byzantine style. Fragments of fresco depicting Georgian nobles in tunics typical of the medieval period can also be seen. Krikhi Archangel Church was ruined in an earthquake in 1884 and was restored in 1890. Download Pictures & Images of the Archangel Georgian Orthodox Church or buy on line as photo art prints.

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