Pictures and Images of Roman Relief Sculpted Sarcophagus of Konya Archaeology Museum { 139 images } Created 30 Oct 2018

Pictures photos images of relief sculpted Roman sarcophagi from the Konya Archaeological Museum, Turkey. One of the three main centres of Roman sarcophagus production in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD was in the Roman Province of Asia, present day Anatolia in Turkey. The Konya Archaeological Museum has some fine examples of Anatolian relief sculpted sarcophagi. Two of the sarcophagi are Roman Garland sarcophagi. This type of sarcophagus has garlands running across its sides and ends. Simple versions have theatre masks between the garlands of Medusa head sculptures but one of the Roman sarcophagi at Konya has figures between the swathes of garlands. The garland sarcophagus is a typical style made in the Roman Pamphylia region in the south of Anatolia, between Lycia and Cilicia. Konya Archaeological Museum has two wonderful Sidamara Sarcophagi one of which still has the sculpture of the deceased reclining on the lid of the sarcophagus. Both sarcophagi are also "Columned Sarcophagi of Asia Minor” style with upright columns separating the figures one sarcophagus and running behind the figures of Hercules on the other. The Sidamara stye of Roman Sarcophagus are named after a sarcophagus excavated from Sidamara in Capadoccia and in the Istanbul Archaeological Museum.

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