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Pictures, images, photos of the Roman Statues of Antalya Archaeological Museum, Turkey. Antalya Archaeological Museum holds an important collection of Roman Statues excavated from Perge Archaeological Site in Anatolian Turkey. The Roman Statues are from the 2nd century AD and their subject matter can be broken down into Roman citizens statues and busts, Roman Emperor statues and Roman Gods and Mythology Statues. The Roman Emperor statues in Antalya Archaeological Museum Roman statue collections are mostly of Emperor Hadrian, Emperor Trajan and Caracalla, By the 2nd century AD The Roman Province of Asia was becoming the most important Roman Province and great cities with magnificent public buildings like Perge were being built. Hadrian was a great builder so it is hardly surprising his statues is the most common Roman Emperors statue in the Antalya Archaeological Museum collection. Emperor Trajan was a great campaigner conquering a lot of territory in his life time making him a popular Emperor of his period. Of the Roman Gods Statues held in the Antalya Archaeological Museum Roman statue collections Aphrodite is the most popular. Aphrodite of Venus to the Romans was the Goddess of love and there are several examples of her statues excavated from Perge. Typical of a Roman statues these Venus statues designs are based on earlier Greek originals and are typical of Venus statues found all over the Roman Empire. Download Pictures & images of the Roman Statues of Antalya Archaeological Museum or buy as photo art prints on line.

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