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Pictures photos images of Roman statues and Roman busts. Pictures of Roman monumental statues, Roman Gods statues, Roman Emperor statues and statues of Roman ancestor busts. Probably the best known Roman art is the Roman statue. This should be the case as the most popular style of western monumental sculptures that adorn city centres and are in front of public buildings is a continuation of the Roman style, which in turn was a continuation of a style developed in Hellenistic ancient Greece. The Romans adorned their temples and public spaces with statues in the same way we do today. At the centre of Roman temples were monumental statues of the God the temple was dedicated to. Roman buildings were built with niches for statues of Roman gods and Roman Emperors. Screens at the back of Roman theatre stages were also built with niches for statues. Roman statues were an integral part of the Roman world and Roman busts adorned Roman houses reminding them of both the gods and their ancestors. The Romans did not invent the familiar style of Roman statues, they copied and adapted statues originally sculpted by Hellenistic Greek sculptors like 4th century BC Greek Athenian sculpture Praxiteles. Up until Augustus Roman sculpture was incredibly realistic and Roman busts reveal literally warts and all. Augustus though realised the power of the statues that depicted him across the Roman world. The Roman statue of Augustus as Pontifex Maximus, circa 17-14 BC, was typical of the approved style that Augustus used to control his public image. As Pontifex Maximus the statue emphasises the piety of the ruler and his reverence for the gods and traditions of Rome. Augustus thus revitalised the role and function of the most ancient Roman priesthoods and exalted the myths that narrated the origins of Rome. The statue is part of the political propaganda that Augustus used to cement his position as first amongst equals to the very conservative Romans. We are used to Seeing Roman statues finished in marble or stone. It is therefore hard for us to believe that the Romans painted their statues as can be seen by microscopic fragments of paint found on them. This gallery includes some reconstructions of Roman statues in colour which demonstrate how the statues may have looked to the Romans.

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